The island is full of small and charming country towns. There are a lot of regional mysteries and curiosities hidden in their cards of history. The most charming are country towns in the north end of the island. There is an extraordinary climate in them.

Town of Corralejo is the biggest resort on this end of the island. In the beginning of its existence it was only a small fishing village. Area of the city is less then 3km2. City beaches are located in bays and are limited by volcanic rocks that protect from the wind. Active people cans spend their time in Aqua Water Park or football stadium. Long walk along sand dunes will take You to National Park, which was found in 1982.


The island, in its entirety with its surrounding waters, was entered as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2009. This means that the area has exceptional natural values. Everyone can choose their own way of discovering these wonderful places- walk along the hiking trails, that cross the island from west to east; on bike; the back of a camel or donkey. Every place is special in its own way.

Clear sky above Fuerteventura allows You to see stars and galaxies. There are intact conditions of natural, night lighting in the areas of Reserve Starlight.

Wide offer of water, land sports, resorts and amusement parks, modern wellness and spa, but also gulf courses brings You relax and pleasure. On Fuerteventura there is also Center of Thalassotherapy. In its treatments are used natural properties of the ocean, aloe vera and local climate.



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